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About Us


our story

Founded in 2010, aassio group is a diversified, private holding company that is established to create opportunities for entrepreneurial activities through its running of small and medium enterprises along with supporting individuals who wish to pursue their business ambitions.

We assist businesses and individuals across multiple industry sectors to breakthrough, develop and establish themselves as pioneers in leading global marketplaces. Our collective expertise nurtures growth and capabilities in E-Commerce, Management Consulting, Human Resources & Recruitment, Wholesale Distribution and Tourism.

we believe in potential and endless possibilities

From German and Chinese origins, the founders of aassio group spent decades building businesses and living in different countries; surrounded by several cultures, religions and languages. They experienced the power of innovation, carried an entrepreneurial spirit, mastered the know-how, and learned about capital, as well as the right assistance and resource allocation by other people or themselves. This made their belief in potential and endless possibilities even stronger.

our mission

aassio group works with decentralized teams to deliver business solutions, products and services in parts of Europe, Asia, Africa and North America.

Our mission is to nurture long-term value for those who may benefit from innovation, international market entry and growth strategies, as well as other business perspectives in an evolving market.


We are dedicated to creating solid business fundamentals by assisting individuals and businesses with access to better resources for sustainability and success.

Our intention is to provide assistance to access for ourselves and people who are joining our team by bridging the gap between existing business moguls and promising entrepreneurial talents across growing markets. 

We pride ourselves on having a dynamic foothold in several industries across a number of countries where we collectively evolve and grow from the incubation stage of business to a distinguished company.

our values

We aspire to shape the future of business with a progressive approach. 

Our structure of operations differs from the conventional form of business development and gives our talent the freedom to establish homegrown brands that can stand on their own merit.

We stand to offer knowledge, investment and opportunity to those in the entrepreneurial space aspiring to break through markets and progress forward with their business aspirations.

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