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Our Philosophy

We leverage innovation in the digital marketplace to bridge the gap by creating opportunities for entrepreneurs, small to medium enterprises and our own homegrown talent. 

We Stand With Ukraine

We speak to our Ukrainian team members who have endured the pains of war and courageously stand united to overcome the difficulties of this tragedy.


We welcome you to read more about the first hand experiences of our colleagues who have been kind enough to share the hardest moments of their country in hopes of raising awareness. 


Our thoughts, prayers and spirits stand with the courageous people of Ukraine. 

From German and Chinese origins, the founders of aassio group spent decades building businesses and living in different countries; surrounded by several cultures, religions and languages.


They experienced the power of innovation, carried an entrepreneurial spirit, mastered the know-how, and learned about capital, as well as the right assistance and resource allocation by other people or themselves. This made their belief in potential and endless possibilities even stronger.

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